Failure to Appear Warrants (FTA)

Orange County Bench Warrant Attorney

The very next time you are pulled over, you are GOING TO JAIL…

For many traffic violations, once you are cited you are required to sign your ticket. Signing it does not mean you are agreeing that your are guilty of the charges listed on the citation. However, it does mean that you are promising to appear in a court by a certain day and time.

You may plead guilty and pay your fine, in which case there is no need to appear in the court. But if you plead not guilty, or take no action such as sending in the bail amount requested by the citation, you should appear in court.

It is very important to keep that date on your to-do-list and not to forget about it. Make all effort to follow-through and appear in court. If for any reason you forget to do so or be in court on a wrong day or time, or the notice from DOL gets lost in mail, you have Failed To Appear in court. Failure to appear in court in California, for any reason, results in a California FTA Warrant issued in your name.

The very next time you might be pulled over – have a change of clothes with you – as you are going to jail.

Clearing an FTA Warrant from the court and from your DMV record is a lengthy and involved procedure.

Clearing & Removing California Warrants (FTA Warrants)

Let’s face it, having a warrant hanging over your head can take its toll on you —emotionally, financially, and legally. Poking your head in the sand or running from the law is about as effective and predictable as Southern California car chases: you will lose.  Not only that, waiting to be pulled over and arrested for something as innocent as a burned out tail light will often lead to much more severe consequences than you would face if you voluntarily appeared before the court or had an attorney take car of this for you.

If you know, or pretty sure you failed to show up for a court date and there is likely a warrant for your arrest or a failure to appear: which will POP UP on any cop’s dashboard computer should you ever be pulled over let’s take care of this now. Avoiding this problem — the Bench Warrant or the Failure to Appear (FTA) — will not make it go away, it will simply make it worse for you. When you are “found out,;” when you stopped for some silly little issue and then ARRESTED and JAILED (mandatory), the prosecutor and the judge will be angry with you and will make an example of you in their courtroom, It almost always goes down just like that. Since you are here reading this you are likely looking for advice or a solution. Here is my suggestion:

  • Take responsibility for this mistake and act today.
  • This problem, when handled by an attorney, can literally be solved in a day or two.
  • Call O.C. Traffic Ticket Lawyer: Linda A. Iannelli (800) 937-2457.
  • Other Life-Long Problems from FTA Record

    FTA’s are considered misdemeanors. These warrants will appear on any background check. The outstanding FTA warrant will remain on your record for 5+ years. If you have a California FTA Warrant on your record, you won’t be able to find a good job, you won’t be eligible for many state and federal loans, student loans, and state aid, if ever necessary, would be denied. Once your auto insurance company finds out about the warrant as they periodically run your record-check, your insurance rates are going to rise dramatically. In many cases, your insurance will simply be canceled.

    FTA’s (Failure To Appear) Warrants Are Like a Rat TrapYou Will Be Caught!

    FTA’s are considered misdemeanors. People have come to think of Misdemeanors as “not serious” as they think only “felonies” are serious. Is 1-Year in County Jail serious? That’s the jail term that is possible with a misdemeanor: they ARE SERIOUS! Not only that, FTA warrants will appear on any background check. The points of a FTA warrant remain on your record for at least 5-years. If the FTA warrant was issued due to failure to appear at court for a DUI offense, the points will be on your record for 10-years. This warrant will be active on your record until you appear in court or are pulled over for an otherwise insignificant traffic stop, and then like a Rat Trap, you will be “caught!” You will not be warned. Cops despise people who don’t take care of business and you WILL BE GOING TO JAIL!

    An Outstanding FTA Warrant will eventually catch up to you.Eventually, by your choice – or the system’s choice, you will deal with your FTA warrant. If you are here reading this, make the responsible choice and get the ball rolling right now! Get this looming dark cloud out of your life. If you are determined to do nothing and you have a California FTA warrant on your record, besides always looking in your rear-view mirror, you won’t be able to find a good job, you won’t be eligible for any loans. Once your insurance company finds out about the warrant, your insurance will likely be cancelled or your rates are going to rise substantially.

    Please contact Orange County Bench Warrant Lawyer, Linda A. Iannelli at (800) 937-2457 to get your Failure To Appear Warrant taken care of before you are calling Ms. Iannelli from a jail cell.