Orange County Reckless Driving

Reckless Driving Defense Lawyers in Orange County, California

A charge of Reckless Driving is a very serious traffic violation. Reckless Driving is more serious than a typical speeding ticket, which are categorized as “infractions.” Reckless Driving is a significant step up and is a misdemeanor like DUI, Shoplifting, or other crimes that often result in significant fines and even jail time. A Reckless Driving conviction results in 2-points on a person’s driving record. Accumulating a small number of “points” on your California DMV driving record can result in your drivers license being suspended. If you have already collected a few point in the past couple of years you need to get on top of a Reckless Driving charge and do all in your power to fight that charge from turning into a conviction. Paying the ticket is essentially agreeing that you are guilty and the points will end up on your record. Moreover, virtually ALL insurance companies take “Reckless Driving” extremely seriously and you will –no doubt– see a significant increase in your premiums or you may be canceled outright. Contact an Orange County Reckless Driving defense attorney as soon as possible.

Orange County Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Your local Orange County reckless driving defense lawyer, Linda A. Iannelli, can use her legal experience to provide excellent legal representation to drivers who are facing costly reckless driving charges. Ms. Iannelli completely understands the seriousness and gravity of a reckless driving charge and works with her clients to achieve the best result possible using an aggressive and intelligent defense strategy.

Can I Afford to Hire a Reckless Driving Defense Lawyer?

It is very likely that you cannot afford not too! California VC 23103 (i.e. Reckless Driving) is where you find the definition and penalties of this serious charge which are:

  • A fine of $145.00 to $1,000.00
  • 2-points on your DMV driving record
  • 5-days to 90-days in county jail

What isn’t laid out in the State Vehicle Code book is the huge expense that you will be accessed via your insurance. If your insurance company increased your premium say $500 every 6-months, you will face another $5,000.00 over the coming 5-years. The beauty of fighting a traffic offense is that traffic court is very quick and legal fees are more affordable that you might imagine.

If you already have a number of points or your California DMV driving record, and you are facing a suspended drivers license, your job, your way of life, your very existence in a car-based society is at stake. Thinking that you can sneak around driving without a license (and without insurance) is over-the-top foolish. It would be far wiser to tackle this bump in the road with some professional help to avoid the consequences of a conviction.

By taking a few minutes to call Orange County Traffic Ticket Lawyer, reckless driving lawyer, Linda A. Iannelli, you can take that first step needed to avoid the very serious misdemeanor criminal record and DMV penalties or suspension.