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You may think that is is simpler and easier to just take your lumps and pay an Orange County speeding ticket. Think again! An Orange County speeding ticket will often cost you a fine of $300 or more, and those nasty, long-term and expensive points on your license resulting in increased car insurance costs. If your insurance premiums are anything like mine, you know that the State of California already has some of the most expensive car insurance premiums in the nation. When you fold your cards, surrender the fight and elect to PAY a speeding ticket, you are, in essence, admitting guilt which will result in a tarnished DMV record, and those expensive “points” that will often cause increased car insurance costs, and for those with existing “points” on their DMV record: get you closer to a license suspension!

Orange County Traffic Ticket Lawyer Linda A. Iannelli can help you contest a speeding ticket. By representing you in traffic court, Ms. Iannelli can help you win your case so you do not have to pay the ticket or get points on your record – saving you significant money for years and years to come. Moreover, an experience speeding ticket attorney may be able to get you enrolled in an approved traffic school which will keep your DMV driving record clear of this expensive violation – keeping your driving record clean (or at least with no further damage!)

Penalties for an Orange County Speeding Ticket

When you accumulate points on your California driving record for moving violations such as speeding tickets, you may be getting close to getting your license suspended. Just a few tickets and this can happen. Obviously, if you choose to pay the ticket, an Orange County speeding ticket will result in some immediate and significant cash outlay as OC speeding tickets are often as much as $300 or more.

When you pay a speeding ticket, this will often result in points on your California DVM driving record. Most insurance companies randomly request all of their insured drivers DMV records – and certainly at renewal times. When points appear on your record –especially points that involve SPEED or RECKLESS driving, you may face long-term, significantly increased insurance costs: and sometimes outright cancellation. An Orange County speeding ticket lawyer can help you avoid these costs and the potential that you will accumulate too many points on your driving record and face these ongoing insurance cost or even a suspended license.