Out of State?

Services for out-of-state Motorists

When dealing with a local Southern California traffic citation, orange County and Los Angeles County drivers know they can turn to Orange County Traffic Ticket Lawyer Linda A. Iannelli to represent them in court and work to obtain the most favorable results. But, what if you were a visitor to California a week ago; a month ago; and you got a traffic citation? What happens if you are now back home in Las Vegas, Arizona, or Oregon and that ticket is looming over your head?

The “Old Days” of ripping up your out-of-state traffic tickets ARE OVER…

As you are probably aware, the days of ripping up your out-of-state traffic tickets are over. Individual states now share more information than ever and a ticket you get in California while passing through or visiting can harm your driving record back home as much as those received in your own state.

Almost all states belong to the Driver License Compact, an agreement among member states to share information on traffic violations. The state of California is a member of the National Driver’s License Compact (NDLC). If you live anywhere else in the United States and received a moving violation here, this membership makes it impossible to disregard a local traffic citation.

The Orange County Traffic Ticket Lawyer represents a large number of clients who have received citations while in California on business or vacation and who can’t return to court to fight their tickets. If you find yourself in this situation, give us a call. We will act locally on your behalf to help you get your ticket reduced or thrown out.

Moreover, if you are a Commercial Driver, or your ticket requires a DMV hearing – we can attend your DMV hearings in your absence and represent you in court. As a commercial driver you know FULLY WELL how important it is to protect and rigorously defend your record in any state you may operate in. You no longer have to travel miles to appear in court and you certainly don’t have to get stuck paying off your ticket and the resultant increases in your insurance premiums for years to come.

Call me, Orange County Traffic Ticket Lawyer Linda A. Iannelli, right now to see how I can help you eliminate your traffic tickets and keep your insurance premiums from going up or fill out my FREE Consultation Form that comes directly to me and I’ll call you with my advice and opinion.