Speeding Tickets – On the Way to Las Vegas!

Speeding to Las Vegas?
Racing to the River?

Most of us will pick up a speeding ticket while traveling on a “road trip.” For those in Southern California that might mean a Trip to Las Vegas on the 15 freeway or perhaps a jog south on the 40 as we head to “The River” down by Laughlin, NV or Bullhead City, AZ… The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is currently making extensive use of airplanes to spot speeders, especially near the California – Nevada border.

Most typically the airplane spots a vehicle and then the CHP officer on the ground either paints the suspected speeder with radar or slides in behind the target vehicle and paces the speeder. This is part of their recent “show no mercy campaign”.

Frankly, when you are traveling to Las Vegas, Lake Mead, Laughlin, Bullhead City, or simply off to “the river,” you are traveling on freeways that are straight, flat, safe to travel at high speeds and you are sometimes surprised to find yourself traveling 80 mph or faster without you even registering how fast you are actually moving!

If you receive one of these California speeding tickets be sure to figure out how your speed was determined. If the officer in the airplane measured your speed by timing your vehicle as it shoots past 1-mile white lines painted on the shoulder of the freeway, or other ways, this may be in violation of the speed trap law and both officers (i.e. the CHP officers in BOTH the plane and the ground unit) must appear in court or you can request dismissal.

Change of Venue Request

Also, we can often request a change of venue to a court closer to where you live and that too might result in an officer “no show” and then a simple dismissal. You need to call us right away for a venue change request as they are frowned upon – especially as the designated date is getting close.

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