Traffic Infractions – Do I need a lawyer?

Do I need a lawyer for my traffic ticket?

The big issue when it comes to traffic offenses are the DMV’s motor vehicle points than will be assessed for certain violations. These points will make your insurance go up and here in the most expensive car insurance state in the U.S., that adds up to thousands of dollars on needless over payment in no time. Moreover, if you accumulate enough points your license will be suspended. In California, where having a car is like breathing or having food, your life and that of your family will fall apart if that privilege is taken away.

Can a Lawyer Help Me in Traffic Court?

A traffic lawyer can often negotiate with the prosecuting attorney to reduce or, in many cases, eliminate those points and reduce the expensive fine. Take a look at it from the prosecutor’s point of view. Those who show up with an attorney to defend their ticket (or their attorney shows up in their place while they go to work like any other day) —that prosecutor or that judge knows that if a deal is not reached there could be a trial. With the tax issues and funding problems here in California, a trial for a traffic violation (no matter the severity) is generally a waste of resources for the prosecutor, the judge, or the court system. Showing up with counsel or having a counselor show up as your legal representative discourages the prosecutor or judge making a “federal case” out of the situation. Often a prosecutor will offer a better deal to a lawyer than to an unrepresented driver. An experienced traffic lawyer is more likely to get your ticket dismissed or reduced; to save you fines, or if a deal offered by the prosecuting attorney or judge to know if it is a good deal based on experience rather than on emotion. You will be emotionally involved and will likely make the wrong choices.

There are other advantages to having a lawyer represent you. Your time has value and your normal day at work will offset some or all of the expense of having a lawyer represent you without all the emotion and stress if you go it alone. Also, if you’ve ever spent any time “court watching” you might know that court cases with lawyers are disposed of first. This is done for a couple of reasons: first, as a courtesy to the legal professionals – who are officially “part of the court,” and second, as a courtesy to other courts and other judges where the attorneys may be scheduled to appear that same day.

Upshot? – You are often far better off with a traffic lawyer representing you – – – even though it’s “just” a speeding ticket. Don’t Do It Yourself.

Traffic laws and rules are very complex and vary from city to city…

Having an Experienced Traffic Ticket Attorney on your side who is familiar with fighting traffic offenses can be the difference between winning and losing in court.  However, unlike criminal cases, individuals charged with a traffic infraction do not have the right to an attorney.  This means that if you decide to challenge your ticket, the court will not provide you an attorney even though the city will likely have an attorney at your hearing working against you.

In fact, cities are prosecuting traffic infractions more zealously than ever in an attempt to generate revenue.  In 2011, Orange County will be moving towards requiring a prosecuting attorney to be present for all challenged traffic infractions, making it even more difficult for individuals to get their tickets dismissed in court.  The unfortunate fact is that jurisdictions all over California are looking to boost revenue from traffic fines.  If you challenge your ticket, there will be an attorney working against you, why not have one working for you as well?

The added benefit to hiring a lawyer to handle your traffic matter is that you can avoid all of the frustrations and costs associated with litigation.  In the vast majority of cases, our clients never have to go to court or miss work to deal with their cases; we can handle everything from start to finish.  In fact, because we offer online consultations and correspondence, most of our clients never even have to leave home to fight their tickets.  Just provide us with the ticket information via phone, email, or the FREE Consultation Form on this website, and leave the rest to us.