Traffic Infractions – What To Do If You Are Pulled Over

Pulled Over By Police?

Bite your tongue! Do not be Rude. Never admit anything! Call Orange County Traffic Ticket Lawyer Linda A. Iannelli…

The first rule when you are pulled over by an officer is to be cooperative and respectful.  Bite your tongue! Try not to act angry or be rude – you may simply add additional traffic infractions to the one the officer was intending to site you for. The law requires that you provide the officer your license, registration, and proof of insurance, so it is best to do so without becoming hostile.  Remember that the officer is simply doing his or her job and is much more likely to issue a ticket to somebody that is uncooperative or hostile.

The second rule is to never admit anything.  If the officer asks if you know why he or she pulled you over, always respond “no.”  When asked if you know how fast you were going, again respond “no.”  Beyond providing your identification, the less you say to an officer, the better off you will be.  Never agree to give a statement to the officer or let the officer search your vehicle without first speaking to a lawyer.  Remember that anything you say can and will be used against you by the prosecuting attorney if you choose to challenge your ticket, or even as the basis for a criminal charge.

Common Sense Suggestions When Pulled Over By Police

Remain in your Vehicle

Pull over where safe. On the freeway that means the shoulder – NOT the center emergency lane. Turn off the ignition. Stay seated – don’t exit your vehicle as this is often seen as a sign of aggression or an attempt to flee the scene. Place your hands on the steering wheel, so the officer can see what you’re doing. Most officers are injured or killed during traffic stops so your actions put the officer at ease. From their perspective, if they cannot see you hands then they wonder if you’re reaching for a weapon.

If you’re asked to exit your vehicle for a search, don’t resist. Continue to remain calm and follow the officer’s instructions.

Your Attitude and Demeanor Matters

Believe it or not your attitude and body language is the number one deciding factor in getting a warning or a ticket. Most officers will tell you it compensates for 90% of their decision-making process. So be smart, be nice, be respectful and keep the odds on your side!

Pulled over at Night

If you’re pulled over at night, the officers will think you intelligent, perceptive to their “anxiety” and helpful if you turn on the interior lights after turning off the ignition. Again, place your hands on the steering wheel and obey the officer’s commands and instructions.