Traffic Infractions – What To Do Once You Receive A Ticket

What to do After Receiving a Traffic Ticket

You tried to reason with the law enforcement officer who pulled you over but you still received your traffic ticket. It is likely that you felt like ripping up the ticket or throwing it in the trash but common sense suggests you suck it up and be the adult that you are. You absolutely must deal with this.

After you have calmed down and the day is over you purpose to take care of your citation. If you are a procrastinator or tend to forget dates, write a note in your calendar or set your iPhone with a drop dead date ALARM message so that you do not forget and miss paying the fine by mail or MISS the COURT DATE for your appearance or you situation will get really messy – even to the point of a bench warrant for your arrest.

How do I figure out what to do with my traffic ticket?

  • The name of the court that will decide your case
  • The deadline to pay the ticket (by mail or online) or go to court; and
  • What you must do to respond to the ticket

Possible Exception: If you were under age 18 when you got the ticket, this information could be sent to you later by the court.

You will want to weigh your options and decide on what you want to do. The first two options that typically come to mind first are to plead guilty and pay the fine or contest the ticket in which case you will need to appear in court on the date shown on your ticket and ask for a trial. To save time and gas, you can send a letter to your court asking for a court trial. You’ll have to pay the bail even if you want to have a trial. Send your letter by certified or registered mail, at least 5-days before the “appearance date” on your ticket . The third option that a surprising number of people do by default or stupidly is to DO NOTHING…

What if I don’t go to court or pay for my ticket?

When you sign your ticket, you legally promise to go to court or pay the fine.

If you don’t go to court or pay your fine, your driver’s license can be suspended. And you may not be able to renew your car’s registration.

The judge can also charge you with “contempt of court” or “failure to pay a fine.” If that happens, the court can charge you with a misdemeanor and issue a warrant for your arrest (Pack a “go bag” and keep it in your car, because the next time you are stopped you WILL go to jail!). Furthermore figure on saving your pennies. An additional fee (called a “civil assessment”) of up to $300 will be owed.

One of Many Reasons to Hire an Attorney to Fight Your Traffic Ticket

If your automobile insurance is likely to be raised, or if you already have one or more traffic tickets on your DMV record and in addition to higher insurance you might even be liable to have your drivers license suspended you really should consider hiring a traffic attorney. You might be surprised at how successful traffic attorneys are when compared to you attempting to argue your case yourself. If your attorney is successful the cost will almost always be offset by not incurring increased insurance premiums.

If you decide to fight your traffic ticket, you should start to prepare immediately. If you are going to use our legal service to fight traffic ticket, we strongly recommend that you contact us now so that we can get started with preparing a traffic ticket defense for you.

What Often Happens In Traffic Court

If you are issued a traffic ticket for a traffic infraction and when you or your attorney arrives in court, the officer does not appear, in most jurisdictions the traffic ticket will be dismissed. However, you should still be prepared for the probability that the officer will appear in traffic court, as they are pushed to do so.

Dress For Success

If you decide to fight your own ticket, let a lawyer offer some advice: you should dress for the occasion – – – minimally dress to offer respect to the judge and the court. Dressing appropriately sends the traffic judge the message that you take the traffic ticket and the court officials seriously, and that you show respect.

We strongly suggest that you don’t wear shorts, tee shirts, sleeveless shirts, “skimpy” clothing, piercings, etc., to traffic court. “Edgy clothing” sends the message that you have no respect for the traffic court.

Court Dates vs. Insurance Renewal Dates

If your traffic court date coincides a little bit before the time for your insurance renewal it might be a smart “business move” to request and obtain an extension to delay your traffic ticket “trial” until after you have renewed your policy. Certainly, all insurance companies do not always verify driving records before renewing policies; however… MOST DO. If you lose your case you might then get 6 months insurance without the penalty INCREASE that a traffic ticket conviction will likely cause.

Orange County Traffic Ticket LawyerTicket Lawyer, Orange County, CA

If you need legal representation for a traffic offense, Orange County Traffic Ticket Lawyer Linda A. Iannelli is well prepared to offer you the guidance that you need to get your citation resolved quickly with as little expense, time and frustration as possible.

Regardless of how insignificant your traffic citation may seem at the time, it is almost always worth your time consult a traffic ticket lawyer about your case. Traffic Ticket Lawyer Linda A. Iannelli, who is well versed in California traffic law, can use her knowledge of the law and legal processes, as well as her personal relationships with local judges and prosecutors to get tickets reduced or outright dismissed.

Attorney Iannelli is experienced and capable to deal with a variety of traffic citations, from minor infractions to serious moving violations and more serious misdemeanor. If you have been cited for a violation that you believe to be the result of an error, or one in which you were at fault, you can fight speeding ticket, red-light camera and other citations by hiring an attorney with experience in defending these cases.

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